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Volume in Trading
What is Volume in Trading?
Trading involves many different factors, but one that’s often overlooked is the idea of volume. Volume is one of the essential metrics for traders....
How to Use Candlesticks in Trading?
Understanding how Candlesticks works is one of the essential parts of learning to trade, and sometimes it can be confusing, especially for beginners. But...
Trading Terms You Must Know
Important Trading Terms You Must Know
The trading industry is highly competitive, and it’s not enough to have an idea to trade. One needs to know the terms of the trade and use them in conversation....
Trading vs Investing
Trading vs. Investing, Which is More Profitable?
The difference between trading and investing is often confusing, and many people are unsure which is the best option for them. There is a lot to study...
TA vs FA Featured Image
Technical analysis vs. Fundamental analysis, which one is better?
The most common methodologies used by investors to assess the advantages and risks of an investment are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Before...

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