CPM Calculator

Our CPM Calculator is a free tool for advertisers and publishers. The goal of the CPM calculator is to help advertisers and publishers understand how much money they are spending or how much revenue they are making on advertising. 

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How to Calculate CPM?

What is CPM, and how to calculate it? You may have heard that CPM is a popular approach to evaluating online advertising efficiency. This page will help you define CPM, and demonstrate how to calculate it.


One of the most commonly used advertising metrics is CPM. It stands for Cost Per Mille or cost per thousand impressions. With this metric, advertisers can track how much it costs to reach a particular number of people with their advertisements. Here’s how to calculate CPM, Impressions, Cost, and Revenue with their formulas.


Since CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions, you multiply the cost by a thousand and divide the output by the number of impressions.


CPM Formula:

CPM = Cost * 1000 / Impressions


How to Calculate Impressions?

To calculate how many impressions (ad views) you will get on your budget, multiply the cost by a thousand, then divide the output by how much you will pay per thousand impressions (CPM). For example, you will pay $0.32 for every 1000 impressions.


Impressions Formula:

Impressions = Cost * 1000 / CPM


How to Calculate Cost and Revenue?

For Cost, and Revenue, multiply the CPM by the number of impressions, then divide it by a thousand.


Cost/Revenue Formula:

Cost/Revenue = CPM * Impressions / 1000


In conclusion, calculating CPM is a valuable way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It can help you determine whether a campaign is worth investing in or not. It may also give you insights on how you can improve its performance in the future. By using the CPM calculator, you can make more informed decisions about your marketing spending and achieve better results for your business.